Thank You, Next

It’s taken me several years to get to this point, but I can say without falter that I trust the universe. Even with my control issues, my need to know what’s around the corner coming for me, I trust that things happen for a reason. I trust it to toss lessons my way in the form of life events and people, and I’m discovering even books.

I believe in the power of energy and putting desires and intentions into the universe. Life has taught me that doors that are sealed shut are not meant to open for me. I have seen the potential pain and loss I’ve avoided by walking away from a closed door.

So it is with utter clarity and grace that I say, “Thank you, next.” Thank you universe for the lessons you’ve taught me over the last thirty-two years. Thank you for the profound lessons given over the last three months. My vision is clearer. My soul is less burdened. My path, once murky, seems to burn bright and clear. I know my next steps and I will take your lessons into my future and thrive.

Thank you, next.