TED Talks that Inspire Change

TED Talks are extremely popular. They move you, inspire you, and make you think. I’ve been binge watching TEDx Talks lately, looking for inspiration, and learning new things. Over the last few weeks, I’ve come a few that really inspired me to make some changes, and I think they are worth sharing.

My first recommendation is Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication because it is easy to see the flaws in others. People are happy to point out the behavior of others and label them as “not right,” or “things you just don’t do.” Most people want to grow and the first step in growing is recognizing and changing your own behaviors. This is not easy. It’s scary. But it is necessary.

Feelings: Handle Them Before They Handle You moved me. Sometimes it takes a bit of unique reframing to allow common knowledge to transform into truth and wisdom. Yes, you need to recognize your behaviors, but that insight means nothing if you do not uncover the feelings behind them. For me, many of my behaviors come from an almost manic need to create security and surety. On a surface level, that isn’t so bad. However, ultimately it means that I run the risk of refusing opportunities to maintain security.

I used to be the queen of giving zero fucks. Now, not so much. My whole life I’d been admonished about it, and then before I knew it, I cared about everything…obsessively so. But in watching The Magic of Not Giving a F*** I realized there is an appropriate way to not give a fuck. The broody teenaged way is close, but not quite right. The right way is setting clear boundaries and sticking with them.

You have five seconds! Okay so, my husband recommended that I check out Mel Robbins about two years ago. He’s watched her talks and loves her advice. I didn’t look her up. Honestly, I thought I’d gotten the gist from all he’s told me, so I didn’t bother. However, I was watching YouTube during lunch and How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over started playing. And her disdain for the F-word resonated with me because I use it so often. In fact, growing up, my mother hated the word so much she considered it lying and would ground me for two weeks whenever I used it. Now I understand why.

I hope these TEDx Talks move and inspire you. What talks have you seen that you’d recommend?