When was the last time you loved your look? Really? When was the last time you looked at yourself and said, “Damn! I look amazing”? Has it been awhile?

Me too.

Same goes for my clothes, my hair, and my house.

Part of my journey has been to figure out what works for me in all things. For clothes, it is clear that see-through tops are no longer my thing. I do not have the body or attitude to pull those off anymore. But I know I should not continue to buy huge clothes to try to hide the unflattering parts.

As for the house, we’ve spent the last two years hunting for the right colors for a house that never gets direct sunlight.

I have been in transition and I feel it in my spirit that I am settling into my new phase. You know by now how much I love symbolism. So, I gave myself a birthday present. Highlights, a trim, and a silk press.

Mama’s got new hair!

On top of that I’ve picked out paint colors for the master bedroom, living room, and dining room. And I planned to have the dining room done before I go back to work. It took an additional week, but it’s finally done!

I’ve also joined a networking meetup group for women entrepreneurs. And signed up for a workshop in September and October.

Change is good. Even a small change like a new comforter can make a difference in your outlook. I remember my mother would rearrange the furniture whenever she was in a rut. When you are in transition, and you feel the next chapter is upon you or that you’ve started another chapter, it’s helpful to do something physical to express that. I have been (slowly) doing the things that have been on my heart to do which is to:

  1. Start a new journal. Journals are a great for jotting thoughts and charting progress, but I believe that journals should mark important transitions. I think it’s important to start a new journal when you’ve turned a corner.
  2. Paint the rest of the house so they are colors we love instead of the colors my mother chose. Also, it’s been more over 14 years. The house needs a refresh.
  3. Make our room less inviting to the child. Which means…
  4. Create an organized play space for the kid.
  5. Buy clothes that fit well and make me feel good.
  6. Change my hair.
  7. Decorate our bedroom so that it better fits our 30s personalities.
  8. Network more as someone looking to start a business rather than someone looking for more friends.

Every makeover show demonstrates the benefit of doing something to mark the changes a person is making. Cut your hair. Paint your bedroom. Declutter your house. Take a class. Do something that symbolizes the decision to change. I think it helps to set the intention and move the energy forward.

What things do you do when you need to make a change?