Try Not to Worry

Photo by @pluetoe

As a planner/overthinker who suffers from anxiety, I tend to cringe at the phrase “don’t worry.” After all, there is lots to worry about. But recently I realized life is one gigantic, individualized obstacle course, like Ultimate Beastmaster or American Ninja Warrior but with so many more of those swinging weight bags. There will always be hurdles and stumbling blocks. And there will most definitely be an endless supply of things to worry about. So, I am not going to tell you not to worry. Instead, I implore us all to try not to worry too much. Try not to let the worrying blind you to your surroundings because while you worry, life is happening. While you are 28 trying to figure out what you are going to be when you grow up, you are forgetting that you are already up, and your constant worrying is limiting the scope of your potential happiness.

This isn’t a reach-for-the-stars-follow-your-dreams post. This post is meant to remind you that you already are living your life. Your real life. After all, you are breathing. But are you taking it all in? Are you making memories? Not necessarily expensive trips around the world, but meaningful memories that will warm your heart and make you smile, and keep you going when times get dark.

Try not to worry too much. Remember that you can still live a great life if you don’t become a millionaire and retire by 35… 40… 68. Hundreds of billions of people are right there with you. And gillions upon gillions more have made it before you. Times do get tough, but it’s all okay.

Try not to worry. I will not dare suggest that you attempt to enjoy the part of the obstacle course you are currently facing. However, I will say, take a look back and remember all the other obstacles. Fortify yourself with the knowledge that you’ve made it this far.

Don’t worry about life so much. Frankly, your life is extraordinary already. There is no other you.