You Are in Charge

In childhood, happiness simply happens. Never in history has an adult asked a kid what they were doing, and the kid replied, “I’m working on being happy.” In adulthood, happiness becomes an aspiration instead of a state of being or emotion. It’s strived for, chased down relentlessly. Except, the other rules of adulthood are roadblocks to true happiness. Bills, responsibilities, and sacrifices of self and desires are all body blocking happiness from reaching us. Or are they? True peace is being steady during turbulent times. So, in theory, if you find peace, happiness will gladly follow. It has no choice because with peace comes the inner stability not to be swayed by every bump in the road. You’ll see it’s all small stuff… supposedly. Honestly, I’m still working on developing and strengthening my inner peace. However, I can say the more I cultivate peace, the less often I am unhappy.

What I do know is happiness isn’t, nor should it be, the result of a mile-long to-do list. Happiness is not perfection. It is not an end goal.

Success ≠ Happiness

You can be happy while you toil away trying to work your 9 to 5 and get your business started. You can be happy while you figure out how you are going to put yourself or your kids through college. You can be happy while everything in your life is up in the air. You can be happy because you can choose how you react. You can be happy because you can wrap peace around you, hold on tight, and paste a smile on your face.

Neither happiness nor peace can prevent the tough moments life will throw at you, but they can insulate you a little to cushion the blow. Either way, you are in control. Not your job, your family, or your friends. Not the political climate or the economy. Just you. I know it’s a terrifying thought, but happiness is within your grasp.