Is Your Vision Clear?

I hate winter. I hate it because I’m cold from October to March. And I hate it because I feel like it’s the time in my life when I’m the most reckless. When I’m running late, I often do not take the time to clear my windshield properly. I scrape a few neat holes, crank the heat up high, and make my way to work. With a frosted over windshield and side windows, I cannot see clearly see what’s in front of me, I can’t clearly discern the conditions of the road, and I cannot see what is next to me. My vision is impaired.

Many of us go through life speeding toward a goal with the windows frosted over. We have that one tiny peephole that’s clear, and we hope the rest defrosts as we move forward. Living this way, you can’t see what’s ahead, you cannot see what’s next to you, and you can’t tell where obstructions might be coming from. The result is the feeling of having taken one step forward and two steps back, with little to no progress.

It is time to clear your vision. Take the time to get a clear picture of what you want. See it from all angles and imagine the potential growth opportunities. Once your vision is clear, do a little mapping. Organize yourself and make a plan.

Defrost your vision.

It is time to walk your path with your eyes wide open and your corrective lenses on.

Photo by Skitterphoto