Build a Team

Everyone needs a tribe. That tribe is not always comprised of one’s given family, but the members are still crucial to a person’s life. I was taught to choose friends who are as driven as me, and I have. My tribe and I share similar values, and we are all ambitious.

But what happens when the tribe is indomitable, but do not share comparable goals? What if there are deficits in your skillset and no one in your tribe can help?

Well, it is time to build a team.

There comes a point when it’s necessary to rethink your circle. Not to increase the inner circle, but to strategically expand the outer circle. When you find holes in your life, you’ll need to find ways to plug them, meaning find new people. My mother said to surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction. My tribe and family are amazing, but none of us are walking exactly the same path.

Surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction as you. They will keep you on the right track, and you will encourage each other and lift each other up.

Debora Johnson- Cece’s mom

For me, the holes are apparent.  For example, there is a lack of published and aspiring-to-publish writers in my life. I have friends who like to write, but they are not facing the struggle of a writer aspiring to publish. I need to be around other aspiring and published writers to understand the industry. Practically speaking, my kid is young with no one to play with in our neighborhood. I need a babysitter and a few parents who have kids close in age to my son.

No man or woman is an island. You can be great, you are probably even extraordinary, but you will definitely need help. No amount of research or software can offset community—human capital.

There are several ways to build a team. You can get a mentor (or several), join a Meet Up group, network at events and conferences, connect with friends of friends, join online communities, etc. The key component is to be vocal about your needs and reach within and beyond your circle. No matter how you meet new people, make sure to build a team that will fill some of the gaps in your own knowledge and skill, and look for ways in which new connections can be mutually beneficial. Your tribe will keep you grounded. Your team will propel you forward.

Photo by fauxels