Don’t Marry the Wrong Tiffany…Or Something Like That

Sometimes, when you’ve come to a point where you feel like you have made headway and you finally know what you want, life will throw you a curveball. It will give you a present–a job, a date, an opportunity–that is a lot of what you’ve determined you don’t want, wrapped in a lot of what you deeply desire. On the surface, this opportunity looks tempting. It is as if the Universe has smiled on you, saying, “Good job, you’ve made the right choice. Now here is your reward.”

So why are you filled with such angst? Why doesn’t it feel like a win? That’s because it probably isn’t. It is probably a test.

No one can tell you if this present is really a gift or a gag. That is entirely up to you to discern. However, I will say, sometimes we open door number one because it appears first, when, if we had just waited a little longer, number two would have appeared and it would have been perfect.

Sometimes, we unknowingly choose door number one. The lesson. The almost. The test. The hollow chocolate bunny instead of the solid one. And that choice moves the track just enough to make life difficult again. If the Universe were a parent, it would shake its head as you opened door number one, and say, “Oh well, this one learns the hard way.”

Don’t marry the wrong Tiffany. It’s the moral of a complicated anecdote that I recently told a friend. Door number one is the wrong Tiffany. Eventually, after a few years in a meh marriage, you’ll get an amicable divorce and later meet another Tiffany. Then you’ll realize you’ve seen her before, just once, a long time ago. But for whatever reason, you were too afraid to approach her back then. This Tiffany is everything. She’s the love of your life. She is the piece your soul has been yearning for, and you live blissfully ever after.

Door number two, like the marriage to Tiffany 2.0, will have its own trials, but it is by far the best match for you. So hold on. Scrutinize every opportunity. Maybe this new opportunity is the right one. Or perhaps it is simply a mirage of a perfect opportunity, meant to demonstrate that your dreams can manifest without the baggage of your past, if only you persist and walk toward your vision. It is quite possible that you will have to ignore a few more false doors before your door arrives, but that is okay too. Hold on to your conviction. Push through and keep walking your path. You will end up where you belong in due time.

Photo by Lucas da Miranda