Say No to Resolutions and Yes to Alignment

Every year people make resolutions. Instead, I say, let’s course correct.

Many people, most I think, are close to being the person they long to be. There is just a small handful of things keeping them from their goal.

Contrary to popular opinion, what’s preventing you from being your be self is not money or a career. Those tend to follow alignment.

You don’t need to work out for 14 hours a week and lose 50 pounds to be healthier. You need to listen to your body and eat things that make your body feel energized. And you probably don’t need to quit your job. You need to go back to playing soccer during the week and make more time for friends.

Balance. Life doesn’t work well with all-or-nothing scenarios. Neither the universe nor the Earth operates that way, and people do not function well either. Balance is key. Alignment is critical.

Many people think of energy work when they hear alignment, and that’s all good. I believe in energy work, but that is not what I’m talking about here. I am referring to creating alignment in one’s life. Making sure there is sufficient (notice I didn’t say equal) work, play, and relaxation in your life. Ensuring that your hobby/passion is present even if it is not your career or a source of income. Reducing controllable stressors like phone interruptions and bill collectors. Letting go of past hurts and defense mechanisms that no longer serve you. Having your actions and words match your values as often as possible. And last, but not least, not blindly accepting “the way things are” if you feel in your gut something is off or needs to change, even if you are what needs to change.

Lots of things need to be aligned. Printer cartridges, tires, gears, and nature, to name a few. People are no different. Excess creates just as many ailments as deficiencies. So if the body requires balance, why would we believe we can thrive in our daily lives with imbalance?

This year, don’t create a list of dos and don’ts. Instead, create a list of things that make you feel out of balance and work to reduce them. Or create a list of things that make you feel balanced and do more. Or do both…Balance remember?

Below is a list of articles that may help give you an idea of how to get started. I hope one of these articles resonates with you and gives you the tools to make lasting change. Remember, strive for progress over perfection and work toward balance over excess. Good luck!

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