Stick With You

Happy Love Yourself Month!

I am dedicating another love song to you, folks. This song is not a self-love song, but it should be, and this month it is.

No one is going to love you better than you. So if you aren’t loving you, caring for yourself, and taking care of yourself, 1) let’s fix that, and 2) why expect it from someone else?

Yes, we all need companionship, relationships, friendships, and connection. It is a biological imperative. But we do not need dependency. Nor do we need to give away the power that is inherent in self-appreciation. Besides, no one is responsible for your happiness and sense of peace but you, and only you.

So, press play, turn it up, look in the mirror, and sing it loud! Maybe even light a candle to set the mood.

♪ “Nobody gonna love me better, I’m gon’ stick wit you forever
Nobody gonna take me higher, I’m gon’ stick wit you.” ♪

I do not own this video. FYI for those who know and love this version, Avant’s part was edited out.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova