A Small Place

In this place
Does not exist in the same sense as other places
5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 years, 5 decades
Are all the same
The future isn’t planned for
The past is not forgotten
For in this place
The past, present, and future
Are one in the same
History is repeated
Details are simply replaced with different
And events
But it’s all the same
We’re always enslaved here
Constantly being emancipated
Always forgetting our own mistakes
Therefore destined to repeat them
Never taking control
Never fighting back
Pointing blame

The shackles are so heavy here
There’s always a new master
Last week, the White man
This week, the Government
Next week, Money
Always a new master
We never take control
Never stop blaming
It’s such a small place

So hard to breathe sometimes
Time always stands still
Burdens never disappear
It is a terribly small place,
This state of mind is

Cece V

Photo by David Gonzales