Behind The Door of Apartment 1A

I wrote this poem when I was in high school. It could use some work, but I left it untouched. Though to be honest, the fear of someone critiquing my 14 year old self is pretty strong. The poem is about the struggles between the inner self (ideal self) and actual self and untapped potential.... Continue Reading →

Quiet Mourning

Today I laid awake and thought about you It's almost crippling sometimes How much I miss you How I wish you wouldn't have gone away And left us to go on with only memories Thought about you teaching me to cook But hating how I experimented with every spice and seasoning in the house I... Continue Reading →

God’s Promise II

You watch for me, looking for a miracle but expecting none You pray without believing that I hear you Thinking that your hopes are far too small for me to deal with You wake every day wanting a change, waiting for your opportunity And every night you go to bed discouraged Not every open door... Continue Reading →

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