Writing Improvement Program

I will admit that I am very out of practice when it comes to writing. Writing used to be a religion for me. I was the kid who carried a special little notebook around for poems, stories, and ideas. I used that notebook more than I used my books for class. And sleep was never... Continue Reading →

We Are Our Choices

We are our choices. We are taught to believe that it is the big decisions in life that will make or break us. College. Marriage. Career. That is simply not true. Every day we make small choices that shape the lives we lead. Although trying to lose weight, we eat three doughnuts instead of just... Continue Reading →

Finding Inner Peace

Does your world get thrown off its axis because of the actions of others? You find that you just got off the phone with your sister, mother, cousin, husband, or best friend, and suddenly the small crisis they are experiencing is weighing heavy on your heart and mind. You are anxious and fretting, trying to... Continue Reading →

What if?

"What if I fall?" "Oh, my darling, what if you fly?" Erin Hanson "What if?" It is a powerful question. "What if" can be a rocket that propels us forward, allowing us to transcend our former, less than ordinary selves; pushing us to be more than we are, more than we thought possible. A good... Continue Reading →

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