Fourteen and Eight

Yesterday was my anniversary. Fourteen and eight. Fourteen years together. Eight years married. Two college students who met young and grew up together. We became adults together. In fourteen years we’ve weathered death and heartbreak, loss of purpose, loss of self, and disenchantment with love. Between us, there are four graduations, three career changes, one... Continue Reading →

The Disease of Insecurity

You are walking down the street feeling good, enjoying the nice weather when someone smiles at you. Instead of thinking they are friendly or attracted to you, you wonder if there is something in your teeth, or if a bird pooped in your hair. You get a promotion and immediately think it is due to... Continue Reading →

Expect the Worst

Photo by Pixabay I'm a planner. I always have plans A through J, and I'm working on K to Z as we speak. Cece V Expect the worst. Prepare for the worst. What’s the worst that can happen? Words I live by. Words that drive every single sleepless night and every decision I make. In... Continue Reading →

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