What to Do When You Are Tired of the Status Quo

Being vulnerable sucks. Putting yourself out there, danging over the cliff of public scrutiny like Simba over Pride Rock, is terrifying. Growth is difficult. However, the alternative is just as uncomfortable. Stagnation can feel like a vise grip. I often have the sensation of being too big for my skin when I am in transition,... Continue Reading →

Say No to Resolutions and Yes to Alignment

Every year people make resolutions. Instead, I say, let's course correct. Many people, most I think, are close to being the person they long to be. There is just a small handful of things keeping them from their goal. Contrary to popular opinion, what's preventing you from being your be self is not money or... Continue Reading →

Do You Like Who You Are?

It's that time of year again! There is less than a month until the new year, and people are already thinking about their resolutions. New Year or not, most people want to progress. They want to grow and be better than they were previously. Here's the problem. I think on the way to personal growth,... Continue Reading →

Small Progress

Small progress is still progress.Unknown 2019 is zooming by, making way for 2020. It is so weird to know that 2020 is just a couple months away. With the holidays and new year coming, it is normal for people to start taking stock of their accomplishments for the year. It is equally normal to be... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, It’s Okay to Look Back

You are changing. We all are. Slowly. One decision at a time.

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