Remember, You Are Loved

Photo by Ylanite Koppens The holidays can be hard on everyone. This joyous time of year can also cause loneliness, anxiety, grief, and melancholy. It can force you to miss the ones you've lost, regret past decisions, and long for a fresh start. I want to remind you to look at the whole picture of... Continue Reading →

Being Busy

Photo Credit: Free photo 1731016 © Torsten Schon - Busy! Everyone is busy. No one has any time. Busy, busy, bees, just buzzing around, flitting from one thing to another. . . Oh. I guess it's just me. Well, allow me to speak for myself. I am busy as hell. I have a family,... Continue Reading →

No Excuses

The brain can do funny things. It has the ability to live in two realities simultaneously-- the reality in which one constantly envisions and plans for a better life and self-actualization, and the reality in which one is afraid of what success and actualization means. You are stronger than the other half. Stronger than the... Continue Reading →

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