Small Progress

Small progress is still progress.Unknown 2019 is zooming by, making way for 2020. It is so weird to know that 2020 is just a couple months away. With the holidays and new year coming, it is normal for people to start taking stock of their accomplishments for the year. It is equally normal to be... Continue Reading →

I Tried EAM

My spiritual journey is a complicated one. Complicated because Christianity is so rooted in the black community that it’s difficult to tell where the difference between culture and Christian training. My spirituality is also complicated because I believe in God and Jesus, but since middle school, I have seen that religion and politics are kissing... Continue Reading →

Spark A Mind

Let us all use our time on Earth to be a beacon of light and inspiration for at least one person in this world.

You Are in Charge

Happiness is not perfection. It is not an end goal.

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