I Tried EAM

My spiritual journey is a complicated one. Complicated because Christianity is so rooted in the black community that it’s difficult to tell where the difference between culture and Christian training. My spirituality is also complicated because I believe in God and Jesus, but since middle school, I have seen that religion and politics are kissing cousins, and countries who merge the two are always in turmoil and full of hate. Religion allows the government to control the masses. It’s also complicated because I have always been against rigidity and frankly, more woo-woo than even I liked to admit.

Having a child forced me to question my complicated relationship with religion. It forced me to pull apart the seams and really deconstruct my beliefs to see where they aligned and deviated from the religious practice of my childhood.

In the purest form, I’m a spiritual person who believes in God, heaven, hell, and reincarnation. The details are murky at best, but that’s true for most people. Being spiritual means I believe the universe is communicating with us. It also means I have chosen to be brave enough to listen. I believe in energy, vibrations, and karma.

One day the universe was speaking, and I tumbled down a Google search rabbit hole. It was then that I found the Energy Alignment Method (EAM). EAM is a spiritual practice that aligns with the laws of attraction. I found the Five Days to Flow program and decided it was worth a try.

In the spirit of transparency, it took me six days, not five, because I kept getting interrupted on day two. I can’t say that EAM changed my life, but the practice of using SWAY, biofeedback to determine the stressors that are stored in the body, helped me reveal some sticking points I did not think I had. For example, I’ve always believed my hesitation to leap into new opportunities was fear of failure. According to my SWAY, it’s actually a fear of instability, meaning a decrease or loss of money, housing, etc. Upon reflection, that makes perfect sense, and it is something I have been addressing.

Honestly, that revelation alone was worth a free five-day program.

Working backward, let me talk about what led me to try EAM in the first place. First, I’m from a family that believes you can speak your own destiny. It’s in the bible. So this spiritual practice of speaking and manifesting your intention is written into formal religion as well. Second, I’ve been trying to meditate for years; since middle school, actually. Meditation gives me the best naps and zero insight into myself. It’s also very unnatural for me to sit still for longer than five minutes. Like meditation, chakra cleansing is a useful tool, but not something that fits smoothly in my life. Both feel like maintenance practices. So when I found EAM, it seemed like a perfect fit. The concept of speaking healing into my life in a way that invoked my power and the power of the universe felt easier and more tangible than praying to God, who has a ton and half more to deal with than my issues. I believe that people often pray for things they should be working for, and this belief prevents me from praying for myself. So, EAM felt more natural.

I learned several things during my six-day program. The most important is I am not a structured person, not even when it comes to my own spiritual practices. I do what feels necessary at the time, whether that is meditation, chakra cleansing, praying, listening to a sermon, going to church, saging my house, getting a tarot reading, or doing EAM. EAM is now another tool in my arsenal, and that is okay. My life wasn’t changed forever. My world wasn’t rocked. However, I am part of a great Facebook group, and I do EAM at least once a week to help cleanse my energy of negativity because there’s a lot of discontentment at work and that energy clings like beggar’s lice. I love physical representations of my intentions, so I’ve created a little ritual. I light some incense, put on a song from the Calm app, take a hot shower, clear my mind, and then say, “I release all negativity from my energy,” and continue my deep breathing, repeating the phrase every few minutes. I find this new ritual centers me better than mediation or chakra cleansing. And recently, I used EAM to clear the blockages in my chakra energies, something I have not been able to achieve with other chakra cleansing techniques. It took a little more than a half-hour, with me checking my SWAY for residual resistances, but I felt a lot more stable afterward.

EAM has proved to be advantageous. I don’t believe I will ever participate in one of the masterclasses, but I am glad I tried it. Use the links above to learn more about EAM. Let me know if you like it.

This post is not sponsored by EAM; I am not receiving compensation.