Three Choices

In life, no one escapes getting hurt. Not the saint, the shut-in, or the innocent. Dust yourself off and keep going.

When I Pray

I pray sometimes for you Ask God to take away your pain Or make it bearable so it’s no longer visible in your eyes I ask him to give you peace of mind And maybe some hope A lot of strength too I sometimes pray for you With all I have I ask God to... Continue Reading →


It's hard to see the sun when your eyes are closed tight and you are braced for impact. Hold on. Take a deep breath. Keep your eyes on the horizon. Better things are coming.

Trust the Zombies: Quick Guide to Interpreting Dreams

I don’t know about anyone else, but my dreams are the strongest, most accurate indicator of my mental health. When I’m happy or even just okay, my dreams are normal. Forgettable. I wake feeling no strong emotions and try as I might, I cannot remember a single detail. Let me have a bad week or... Continue Reading →

Motherhood is…

Motherhood is hard. It is emotionally and physically draining. It is challenging to raise a human. The uncertainty and fear that every decision could negatively impact your child is a constant companion. And guilt is real and strong and oppressive. Motherhood is amazing. Watching a little being you nurtured become a person is one of... Continue Reading →


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.comI decided to test the waters of writing fantasy last year. Fantasy and paranormal romance are my favorite genres and I wanted to stretch my creative and discover if I could create worlds and amazing, nonhuman characters like my favorite authors. That has yet to be seen, but as the book... Continue Reading →

Everything I Hate About My Body, I Learned From A Woman

“Your ass is spreading.” “Black women have hips, chile. Where are your hips?” “Oh my god, doesn’t your acne hurt? You should take something for that.” “That shirt would look so much better if you had boobs.” “Jesus, you went from a twig to thunder thighs!” Women point out these things to each other every... Continue Reading →

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