Three Choices

In life, no one escapes getting hurt. Not the saint, the shut-in, or the innocent. Dust yourself off and keep going.

When I Pray

I pray sometimes for you Ask God to take away your pain Or make it bearable so it’s no longer visible in your eyes I ask him to give you peace of mind And maybe some hope A lot of strength too I sometimes pray for you With all I have I ask God to... Continue Reading →


It's hard to see the sun when your eyes are closed tight and you are braced for impact. Hold on. Take a deep breath. Keep your eyes on the horizon. Better things are coming.

Trust the Zombies: Quick Guide to Interpreting Dreams

I don’t know about anyone else, but my dreams are the strongest, most accurate indicator of my mental health. When I’m happy or even just okay, my dreams are normal. Forgettable. I wake feeling no strong emotions and try as I might, I cannot remember a single detail. Let me have a bad week or... Continue Reading →

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