Call A Referee

Ladies and gentlemen look at this incredible fight. I just can't turn away. Life lands a powerful combo. Cece staggers but lands an incredible uppercut of her own. But she's winded folks, and Life's jabs just keep on coming. Oh. Oh no. The cut above her eye is bleeding profusely, blinding her. Ow, Life hands... Continue Reading →

Loss of Ambition

A few months ago, someone said, "You used to be so ambitious! That's what I'd always liked about you." I was floored. There are no words to describe how shaken I was by this statement. The statement was in past tense. I used to be ambitious. Used to be? There are three things about me... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Monday, On a Friday: Sing Your Song

This has not been a good two weeks. There have been more losses than wins, more yelling than kind words, and more aggravations than laughs. These moments require a little extra encouragement to push you through the day. At the height of my frustration, when I was just about to start feeling sorry for myself,... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Monday: Shift

Photo by Meleny Thomas, Meleny Inspires Consulting LLC Sometimes, the methods used to survive difficult situations hinder the ability to elevate and move forward on a new path.A heart of stone may have gotten you through a loveless childhood with your sanity intact, but that lack of vulnerability is keeping you from finding and keeping... Continue Reading →

The Practice of Forgiveness: Forgiveness Part III

I had this brilliant post to close out my series on forgiveness, but I could not press publish. It's been sitting in my drafts—being worked and reworked—for months. It was about forgiving like a child, and just stating your issues and moving forward, all carefree and happy like a toddler. Not storing the hurt and... Continue Reading →

Behind The Door of Apartment 1A

I wrote this poem when I was in high school. It could use some work, but I left it untouched. Though to be honest, the fear of someone critiquing my 14 year old self is pretty strong. The poem is about the struggles between the inner self (ideal self) and actual self and untapped potential.... Continue Reading →

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