Being Busy

Photo Credit: Free photo 1731016 © Torsten Schon - Busy! Everyone is busy. No one has any time. Busy, busy, bees, just buzzing around, flitting from one thing to another. . . Oh. I guess it's just me. Well, allow me to speak for myself. I am busy as hell. I have a family,... Continue Reading →

When Do You Let Go

This week I realized I'm in a very dysfunctional relationship. The ups and downs are taking a toll on me. First, everything is great. I am fulfilled, feeling satisfied, and doing what I love. Inevitably, all hell breaks loose. Then I begin to feel alone, adrift, and overwhelmed. But when I start to weigh my... Continue Reading →

Maybe I Should Grow Some Patience

I've been a little flustered lately. Work is way too demanding and home is a bit stressful. My life feels like a jigsaw puzzle with too many pieces. I can't figure out how to make everything fit. I feel like I'm constantly missing the mark. In June, I literally worked over twelve hours day and... Continue Reading →

They Just Can’t. Forgiveness Part II

"Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane."--Unknown A few days ago a friend sent me a tweet that made forgiveness seem less like an act of God and more like an act of kindness. @EboneeDavis posted, "Don't take it personal when people can't show... Continue Reading →

Finding Inner Peace

Does your world get thrown off its axis because of the actions of others? You find that you just got off the phone with your sister, mother, cousin, husband, or best friend, and suddenly the small crisis they are experiencing is weighing heavy on your heart and mind. You are anxious and fretting, trying to... Continue Reading →

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