Being and Becoming

I read an article on a yoga website, and a fragment of a statement jumped out at me. It summed up everything that I have come to believe and everything that I try to convey.

“Each of us is both being and becoming.”

It means we are all already whole and complete while simultaneously trying to live in our purpose and become our higher selves.

We are all both being and becoming. As 2020 is underway, that statement gives me hope and a different perspective on how I will approach this next decade. I am emboldened by the knowledge that I am exactly who I am supposed to be. If I never check off another thing on my vision board, I am still the best version of myself.

Take a moment to reflect. You are not the same person you were a year ago, or six years, or even six weeks ago. You are both being and becoming. Be encouraged to know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Every day you are taking in information that sparks tiny flames within you that will ignite and push you further toward your next level of self. There is more within you. There is more for you. All you have to do is keep moving forward.

Photo by Cece V

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