God’s Promise II

You watch for me, looking for a miracle but expecting none
You pray without believing that I hear you
Thinking that your hopes are far too small for me to deal with
You wake every day wanting a change, waiting for your opportunity
And every night you go to bed discouraged
Not every open door was made for you
Not every opportunity will lead you to your paradise
Not every person who claims to want to help you has your future in mind
Just wait
It’s coming

I walk with you, though you don’t expect me to
Giving you strength and wisdom
Helping you carry that burden you are so set on carrying yourself
I close the doors that will harm you
Shut you off from those who only want to steal from you
And quietly listen to the prayers you are too afraid to pray
I hear your heart, so I do not need your words

Stand tall my brave child
Your time is coming
Your planning is not fruitless
But now is the time to gather your courage
And harness your strength
Refocus your vision
You must be prepared for the world you are asking for
You must be ready to step into your destiny

I hear you, but you are not ready
So I sent a storm to test you
To force you to build
To strengthen the bonds with those around you
To redefine friend and foe
To force you to walk in another man’s shoes
So that you will not only have sympathy
But compassion and true understanding
Empathy and insight

To scare you into dealing with the unknown, unforeseeable, and unplanned future
So that you would learn to trust and lean on those who love you

I wanted you to be stronger, better, kinder, wiser,

Hold on my child
Your time is coming

We are almost there


By: Cece V