Kinetic Sand is Evil

Buying kinetic sand was the worst idea I have ever had. Or rather, the worst request I’ve ever said yes to.

I am the Play-doh mom. The science experiment mom. The finger paint and glitter mom. The cut-up-cardboard-to-build-a-ramp mom. I Pinterest craft ideas that are within my level of craftiness. I can’t draw or cut straight, so we have to be pretty selective about our crafts.

So even though I hate sand, I wasn’t sufficiently cautious when I agreed to buy a 3-pound bag of moldable sand so Monster could build ramps for his monster truck tracks. Nor was I sufficiently suspicious of the package of sand that came with one of his monster trucks. Honestly, I was intrigued. I’d seen the YouTube videos.

How naive.

Now, my kinetic sand is sandier than ever, even after using the rejuvenation techniques on YouTube. It sticks to everything in a gluey-sandy mess that is extremely difficult to remove from your hands.

FYI, use a paper towel to wipe off the excess, then use shampoo to wash your hands. Just watch how much goes down your drain.

My son got so frustrated with it that he poured water in it. Thank goodness he’d poured it into a plastic bin first. This is what’s left. Honestly, he didn’t make it any better or worse because it was this bad before.

Now, I have to figure out how to clean the trucks and dump the sand without making a massive mess. Say it loud for the people in the back. No more kinetic sand!