A Lesson on Over-planning

Photo by geralt

Genetics are very interesting. It’s surprising which traits are seemingly passed down and which aren’t. It’s also hellishly difficult to parent the you out of your child. That reality smacked me again this Sunday when Monster, once again, tried to plan the rest of our day. We were in the car, on the way to an indoor playground. He was in his car seat playing with his trucks, too silent. Silence means he’s thinking.

“Mom, when we get back can I have some juice and watch YouTube? And then can we play wrestlers?”

I was exasperated. This happens every day, multiple times a day, from the minute he wakes up until he falls asleep. My child out plans his planner mommy.

“Stink, sometimes you shouldn’t plan everything. You want me to promise you can have juice when we get back. But we are going to Bubala and you’re going to want a lollipop. You know you can’t have both. And what if I wanted to get something else for you? Sometimes you just need to relax and see what happens. Okay?”

Sounding too much like me, he gave a skeptical, half-hearted okay in return.

We did the indoor playground thing. He, of course, got his lollipop, and then we went to Staples to find a few things I needed for my home office. As a bonus, I found some new wireless headphones! Then, because I hadn’t eaten much and it was nearly five, I stopped at 7-Eleven for a snack. I was thinking of a donut or bag of chips, but the Slurpees started calling us. So, we got two small Slurpees and one for the hubby. After a huge debate with my stomach, I left the chips.

The kid was so happy he started drinking his Slurpee in the store and, when we got home, ran to give his father his with excited little bounces, and a loud, “Dad, I bought you a surprise,” because clearly, he purchased the drinks. I did get a, “You’re the best, mom,” out of it so I consider it a win.

The moral of the story. Sometimes we plan for boring old apple juice and we could be missing out on a Wild Cherry Slurpee! And a lollipop!


Life is unexpected. Sometimes, it punches you in the gut. Other times, it gives you treats. It’s okay to roll with both.

Happy Monday!