Just to Clarify…

Hey guys! Welcome to 2020!

Before we go any further this year, I want to make sure we are all on the same page. I am aware that this blog has changed slightly over the last year and a half, and, in the spirit of transparency, I have plans for a few more intentional changes.

That being said, I want to be clear about what this site is about. Cece’s Voyage started out as blog for me to share my lessons as I journeyed to the me in my head. If you remember, that was the original tagline. It fell off when I was updating something, and well, it never made it back on. For those that do not know the story behind the tagline, read my first two posts The Full Story and The Journey Begins.

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting yet stressful time. Personally, I view my birthday as my new year, so I don’t freak out as much about calendar years, but I still feel the pressure. That pressure has persisted and increased throughout the years.

So, let’s be clear. I am still on the journey to the me in my head. And I hope you are too. However, I hope you are striving to be the REAL you in your head. Not the one that family or society prefers.

If your goal is to be a world-famous actor or a billionaire, go forth and crush it. Just know that my real objective, my true purpose for this blog, is to not to help people manifest riches, but to help folks see the importance of healing and living in a way that aligns with their values. I want people to find a way to live in peace because there is so little of it in the world.

Yes, I am goal digger, dreamer, and the crazy person who makes five- and ten-year plans, but I have lived long enough to know that no attained goal feels like an achievement in a life filled with chaos. It is just more noise.

In case my new year’s post did not make it clear, I would like to list my wish for you all (and myself) in order of priority. Highest first, of course.

  • Peace of mind and spirit
  • Break cycles
  • Heal
  • Love
  • Be happy
  • Create new habits
  • Achieve goals

I want to add one more to the list. Put it wherever you feel it falls for you. Self-acceptance. I wish everyone, myself included, self-acceptance.

I am going to ask a lot of myself this year and I know perfectionism will try to creep in. It is my sincerest hope that I strive for my goals and still be able to enjoy the journey and accept myself at every stage. I suspect many of you are also terrorized by your inner critic. So beyond anything you do this year, above anything I could wish for you, I wish that you find joy in every stage. I wish you self-acceptance.

It’s Friday and the week is coming to a close. I hope your first week of 2020 has been awesome. If not, make it awesome and do something fun before Sunday.

Photo by Pixabay